Sweatensity HI-Def Download

For 3 years I have hosted Sweatensity in my local town and have first hand seen the crazy results the class produces. When its comes to rapid weight loss to maximum strength and toning, Sweatensity has been Dayton, Ohio's top choice when it comes to group fitness. Check out these results and responses from of Sweatensity's long time members


.....Sweatensity Lives Up To Its Name. It's Definitely Intense & Your Guaranteed To Sweat! It Has Changed My Life For The Better. I'm Stronger, Faster & My Endurance Is Way Up. I Complain The Entire Hour But I Know When I Walk Out That It Was Well Worth It. We Have A Ball At Every Class Until Ryan Turns To King Petty! But The Petty Is The Push We All Need To Keep Going! Every Person That Comes To This Class Has The Same Goal, Push Through & Give 110% .. I Appreciate You Ryan For Your Passion & Creating A Different Outlet In This Fitness World. Your Hard Work Doesn't Go Unnoticed! #ResultsDontLie

-Dechelle Johnson

I heard about Ryan in 2014 and instantly knew the moment I met him that he was a trainer who could get me the results I was looking for, plus results I never dreamed possible. I started Ryan's online workout programs in 2015 I do them though out the year. The programs call for cardio that the treadmill just wasn't giving me. When Ryan started this class called Sweatensity in 2015 I was so excited. Let me tell you Sweatensity is called Sweatensity for a reason I have NEVER left class NOT drenched in sweat, Ryan gives us that work! Sweatensity has helped me so much in my fitness journey. Ryan is an AWESOME instructor and will not allow you to give up on yourself, with his words of encouragement he make you want to give 110%. - Brooke Shells

Sweatensity truly lives up to its name. the class is fun, upbeat, high intensity and guaranteed and great workout. sweatensity is a part of my life now.. the class helps with accountability and helps me to maintain my current weight loss. you are surrounded by a group of great people and lead by a phenomenal trainer who has a passion for this Fitness lifestyle and it shows through his dedication to his clients. through personal training, online programs, sweatensity and the push and dedication of Ryan Harris I have been able to get my life back.

-Shaliesha Smith


My only problem I had with Sweatensity was that the world couldn't join me in person. Every time I posted class times, so many of my distant followers would comment requesting and wishing that the class was near them. I decided to do just that and put this DVD of the popular class together for all to share the experience.

Sweatensity the DVD is here. My 1 hour highly energetic class can be done in your living room. Featuring 2 of my classes CORE & CARDIO and STRENGTH & TRAINING. Sweatensity will push you to your max and force your body to adapt to the constant battle you put it through.

So clear some space and get ready to sweat. Get ready to work. Get ready for SWEATENSITY.


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