September 22, 2021

There are always 3 main programs that keep my clients healthy and ready for any event. The Shred that happens at the beginning of the year, the Body Beatdown for the summer and now No Stomach November. The holidays are coming, the weather is changing and mentally it gets harder to stay focused! Why is that? Could be a number of factors but I tend to lean on the fact that cooler weather means more clothes, more family functions, and maybe just maybe you are over all the healthy eating and long hours at the gym. 

Most people just give up around this time of the year. They obtained the goal and now its time to enjoy yourself, relax, and gain a few pounds! WRONG!!!! Have you ever realize how harder it is the next time around when you trying to get "back in shape". So why not maintain it! That way when the New Year comes and it's time to go full throttle you don't necessarily have to start over 

The No Stomach November program will do just that! The program runs from November 1st - January 30thth ending right in time for Shred 2022. Oh, and don't worry, you will off days on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Go ahead eat what you want, what is 3 days out of 90 when you are being consistent 

The workouts, the meal plan, all the exercise demos all happen on my fitness app. No need to Google what an exercise actually is, go to Youtube to watch the exercise video, then remember it! Who has time for all that? Everything is in one place to make it easier for you to stay on track


The biggest part of being committed, is knowing you are not alone, and you are not alone. Not only do we have multiple servers within the app to hold you more accountable then ever, but were determined & dedicated to take your life to the next level. Our app is on fire daily with various channels that range from, nutrition, recipes, motivation, mindset, mini challenges, secret special offers, all with me at the forefront talking with you every single day. 

The program starts November 1st, sign up before October 25th  and save 25% over the total cost of the program. As soon as you sign up before you are charged anything you will receive free information and prep material to get you ready for the program. You can sign up at anytime and not be charged until October 30th, 2021


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