Fit4Life's 90-Day Shred Program

Embark on a fitness journey that will reshape your body and revolutionize your lifestyle with Fit4Life's 90-Day Shred program! Designed for all fitness levels, our program offers structured workouts, personalized meal plans, carb cycling education, and a vibrant, supportive community. You can choose between the Home or Gym version of the program, or even combine the two for added flexibility.

Home Shred Program

Experience the convenience of fitness at your fingertips with our Home Shred Program. This program brings effective workouts right to your living room. Expect to progress through three distinct phases: Conditioning, Strength and Endurance, and a Final Integration phase that wraps it all together. Complement your workouts with our nutritious meal plans and gain valuable knowledge about carb cycling to enhance your results. Get started with Home Shred.

Gym Shred Program

If you prefer the energy of the gym and have access to a variety of equipment, our Gym Shred Program is for you. This program uses a similar three-phase approach but takes full advantage of the gym environment. Our comprehensive meal plans and carb cycling education are here to ensure that your nutrition is as focused as your workouts. Get started with Gym Shred.

Each phase of both programs lasts four weeks, making it a complete 90-day transformation journey. Join our inspiring Fit4Life community and share your journey, from your first steps to the victorious end of your 90-day shred.

No matter which program you choose, Fit4Life's 90-Day Shred is a commitment to a healthier, stronger, and more confident you. Choose the program that suits your lifestyle and let's get started on your fitness journey today!

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