July 19, 2021


Hey, it's Ryan, I'm guessing you want your stomach flat right and you want it done ASAP

I got you!! 

There are more than a few ways that I can make that happen for you. It only depends on how fast you want it, where you want to workout at, and how much accountability you feel like you need

If you happen to be on this page, then you are at the "Flat Stomach" processing center lol... 

Here at the center I will briefly explain all the programs I have to offer and you can choose your fitness path. 

Most programs come with an option to download a PDF Version that you can keep forever, others are hosted on my app 

All programs are monitored closely by me, none of them are buy and you will never hear from me, because thats wack!! 

I want to be apart of your journey 



This FREE program is designed to jump start your metabolism and get you acquainted with my style of training. It is only 7 days long but it is a great program if you need to just get started

Shred is by far the most affordable, most accountable program I have ever put together. The overload of content you will receive guarantees you cannot and will not fail this program. 

Last year we transformed over 5000 bodies. We had so many transformation pics, to this date I still haven't posted them all! Check out the winner from the first round of the Shred 

...and then the winner from the 2nd round of Shred 2020 

I can do this for the whole year but you get the point! 

I also created the famous and viral #wipedownchallenge from the Shred 2020 program

 So what exactly is the Shred 2021 Program and what all do you get, the details are below: 

  • 90 Day Gym or Home Program 
  • Shred 2021 Meal Plan
  • 90 Day Progressive Cardio Routine
  • Fat Loss Recipes
  • Meal Prep Made Easy Guide
  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls
  • Sweatensity Live Streaming
  • Live Workouts and more.... 

Last year we were stuck at home, we gained weight, and lost that motivation. This is where you get it back!!  Your goals, your summer, your wedding, your vacations, they are coming back into full swing and you need to be ready!!

The complete program runs for 90 days.

Click here for the HOME VERSION

Click here for the GYM VERSION


Click the above links and please read all the details. The more knowledgeable you are about how the program works the more confident you become in my ability to help you with your goals 

If you want an even faster version click here for the SUMMER BODY BEATDOWN

If you have any questions please use my social media outlets and reach out  and make sure to follow to keep up with everything I do fitness 

IG: Mr_Sweatensity 

IG Backup: Mr__Sweatensity